If you are looking for a quadcopter drone that is excellent for outdoor fulfilled time, then the UDI RC 4CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with a camera is the ultimate solution for you. It is practically the best drone that you can find on sale and you won’t regret taking this drone quadcopter home. The camera is also great as it delivers the best in drone pictures as well as drone videos making drone photography really easy for you as the controller.

UDI RC U818A-1 4CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter review

The 6 axis gyro that has posture control with an integrated design that guarantees the unmanned aircraft is precisely positioned so you never lose sight of your RC drone. This gyro technology also ensures great aerial maneuverability that is on a class of its own so you know that you have the best drone that is available for sale in the market.

The 4 channel function ensures that you have stable flying time as well as easy operation so even if you are a beginner, you are guaranteed that you will have fun flying this drone in whatever conditions that there are outside and also makes certain that your drone photography is taken o a whole new level with the best quality that you will always cherish.

udi-rc-u818a-1-4ch-6-axis-gyro-rc-quadcopterThe high capacity battery of 500 mAh coupled with strong power motors give the drone helicopter more efficiency in flight and extended flight time that will leave you totally satisfied with this quadrocopter drone.

The battery takes just 2 hours to charge and gives a maximum flight time duration of 9 minutes that is literally long enough for you to have the best time that you can have with this drone Quadcopter that is just amazing. This time is unparalleled with other drones of its class and you will love it with this feature once you take the controller in your palms and the drone takes to the skies.

The design used to construct this RC drone is modular, meaning that it is way much easier for you to install and repair in case of any damages that it might suffer during handling or when flying this unmanned aircraft. But it really is a practically indestructible drone as many users have described it because of its inability to damage despite the many crashes that hey inflicted on this RC drone.

Video recording is enabled by the on board camera that has excellent quality that will leave you smiling once you get a look at the amazing photography as well as videos that this flying drone is capable of once you get this drone in your hands.

For experienced pilots, you can perform 360-degree mid flight flips that will leave your audience as well as yourself amazed with the tricks that you can do with this drone helicopter.


The only downside to this drone is the poorly translated manual that you find really challenging to understand especially for beginners in flying drones. But this can be quickly rectified if you have handled quadrocopter drones before.


The overall performance of this drone is quite excellent and you will love the tricks you can perform with it but still be able to capture the best images as well as videos that will have you mesmerized. This is a great quadcopter drone that every drone enthusiast should have as well as beginners in this field.



This amazing quadcopter drone comes with a battery pack as well as a charger that ensures you always have enough power to enable your flights taking place.


Before using this drone with a camera, it is advisable that you get to go through the instruction manual and learn more about this quadrocopter drone. There is also a team of highly qualified technical support team that is waiting always to answer any queries that you might be having that regard this amazing drone helicopter.


The drone is in a class of its own and you will love all teaming features hat are incorporated in this RC drone to make it as amazing as it is. It is a good buy if you are looking for a drone that delivers quality fun time and as well as taking pictures and videos of really good quality.

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