Advertising For Hotels And Resorts

Aerial footage is a great way to show potential visitors special resort features or the outstanding views. Using small drones provides owners a chance to show off their properties and attract guests with vivid images of what their hotel or resort has to offer.

Providing a video of the resort or hotel gives the owners an opportunity to show off their uniqueness. In today’s competitive hospitality environment, many hotels and resorts are looking for anything that can make them stand out and attract new and returning guests. This is important as these facilities fight for an advantage among online hotel booking applications and almost too many travel websites.

Providing Security Protection

Many commercial companies and private individuals are using drones to provide surveillance to help enhance security at their facilities or homes. This type of video security protection helps to deter trespassing and unauthorized entrance. In one example, a company was hired to provide security surveillance at a large aquaculture fishery to determine the cause of several break-ins and theft of fish. This aquaculture company determined that using an unmanned drone to do surveillance over their large facility was more cost-effective than employing several security guards. The drone could be operated and monitored by a single guard per shift, saving the company money in security costs.

Videography For Sports And Special Events

sport-event-drone-coverageOne of the more exciting uses of drones is to provide aerial surveillance and video of sporting events. UAVs are being used to video and broadcast all types of sporting events, including the Olympics, ESPN’s X Games, the Tour de France, and the Boston Marathon. Drones provide a unique perspective for sports enthusiasts and aerial videography can be used to broadcast and video any type of sporting event.

Construction Site And Structural Inspection Surveillance

Recently, one small town was devastated by a flood of historical levels. Several local residents volunteered to use their private drones to help provide initial damage assessments. These individuals used their drones to transmit live video to law enforcement and other government receivers. This information allowed structural engineers and law enforcement officials to determine the location of damage to bridges and to survey roads for repair estimates. These drone operators also discovered that their aerial surveillance footage could be sold to news outlets and that utility companies were interested in contracting with them to provide surveillance of their property and equipment.

Drone video surveillance is being used by architects and construction companies to provide status updates on large projects, allowing them to quickly and easily measure progress. Drones are also being used by insurance companies to evaluate and verify insurance claims, especially claims involving roof damage. Using drones helps prevent injury to adjustors who no longer have to climb on roofs and risk falling.

Using Drones For Private Investigation And Surveillance

Using drones to do surveillance to obtain footage of insurance fraud or cheating spouses may not be quite practical since hobby drones are fairly loud and their video capability limited. That said, there are still some practical applications for drone use in private investigation, especially if the drones can operate a the altitude limits set by the FAA.

Videoing Weddings

Some videographers are using drones to film wedding ceremonies and the reception, especially if both take place outdoors. Many wedding couples choose an outdoor venue for their ceremony and reception because of the gorgeous views and natural setting. Using a drone to help create the wedding video can add a unique perspective that can only come from an aerial view. Drones can play a number of roles. From security footage to wedding videos, drones can provide a unique and helpful perspective in a variety of situations.