Assistance During Disaster Relief

Public safety officials are able to receive assistance from drones through real time video footage they provide of locations that have been hit hard by natural disasters such as hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes and tornadoes. After a natural disaster it can be nearly impossible and very dangerous to travel the affected areas by land.

flying with a medkit

After some highly powerful earthquakes hit in Central America the corresponding emergency response officials and disaster management personnel enlisted the assistance of a number of independent UAV pilots that were able to support them with providing video services during their aid and restoration efforts.

In Fukushima, Japan the nuclear power plant Daiichi melted down more than three years ago however there is still a very serious health threat to visitors as well as scientist studying the affected area and at the moment drones are being used at the location.

Large and unmanned aerial systems are used by those providing humanitarian services as well as NGOs to deliver water, foods and medications safely to any victims who would not be
able to be reached any other way.

Bettering the World of Film-making

shooting a hollywood film with a droneIt is being discovered in the world of film-making that multi-rotor aircraft which is properly operated and able to carry top of the line video cameras is far less expensive than mounting a crane, jib, dollies and cameras equipment onto a helicopter attempting to find the perfect movement of the camera of tracking shot.

Hollywood is waiting with bated breath to have their shot at aerial cinematography. The American government is considering the request presented by producers of movies and television alike for the opportunity to legally use these unmanned aircrafts to film aerial movies. I say legally because we all know that there have been movies filmed in the U.S. with drones.

Banner Advertising at a Low Altitude

This may bot be the best video based opportunity but while reviewing an article for whilst lounging on a Cancun beach I noticed a hexacopter flying over the water close to the edge with a banner promoting a nightclub, this made me laugh a bit. This hexacopter was being flown using first person view and a GoPro camera arranged under the aircraft which sent a live video feed to the monitor which was connected to the driver’s control.

Video Sites for MicroJob

There are many video related performances and services being offered by entrepreneurial filmmakers on “micro job” sites. Basically they offer personalized and creative videos used by their clients to special messages to friends or family and market as well as promote to their clients. The presentations used range in style from eccentric, hot, professional, scary etc. These seem to be filmed in all manner of get ups and locations except for two; Underwater and yes the use of a drone to film. With using a drone and your creativity all kinds of messages, greetings, birthdays, congrats, anniversary, marketing, promoting an URl etc. The options are endless of what can be created by a UAV micro job service.

Capturing News Footage

aerial footage from drone

Another drone idea is for citizens and journalists alike to use them for news reports. Several high profile cases involving war, areas of conflict, catastrophes, civil unrest and even accidents that have been captured and documented by small unmanned aerial systems. A UAV provides a safe way for journalists to report on unsafe situations being as these can generally be taken to the area in which they will be reporting and safely deployed by the operator. They are not only more economical but also faster than a commercial helicopter and before you ask yes, this are also being used by the paparazzi to capture unsuspecting celebrities.

Inspections of Pipelines and Electrical Lines

There was a time when utility companies had to depend on commercial forms of inspecting mile upon mile of of towers, electrical lines, substations including gas and oil pipelines as well as pumping stations. Nowadays small unmanned systems carrying cameras and video transmitters can do most of the jobs that were once performed by this airplanes and helicopters that were also dangerous to those on the job.

Assistance with Precision Agriculture

By enlisting the assistance of drones for crop surveillance and precision agriculture the time of having to walk a field as well as the cost of hiring a commercial aircraft will be greatly reduced. Unmanned aerial system operators are provided with special cameras that are able to capture specific wavelengths of infrared footage, by capturing these contrasting colors the general health of the fields being inspected can be determined.

If there is an area of concern further and more detailed inspection can be made with the use of the UAV they can verify, diagnose and even treat if necessary. Crop owners who have implemented the use of UAVs in their crop surveillance report that plant damage is reduced cost are lower and their is a higher yield.

Real Estate Footage

This is probably the most lucrative market for experienced filmmakers who are able to properly implement drones and aerial imagery. Real estate agents are discovering that through the use of drones they are able to produce low altitude aerial video which provide unique features and help sell homes much faster. Real estate agents that have enlisted the assistance of UAV footage companies have also reported more listings than before.