Having a drone Quadcopter in your palms that delivers the most excellent flight as well as real-time video feeds to a transmitter in your hands is really quite something. This unmanned aircraft delivers the best in drone photography and kind of makes you feel like you are in one of those spy movies that involve James Bond.The Hubsan X4 FPV Quadcopter with 2.4 GHz transmitter which features a 4.3 inch LCD screen to ensure that you receive real-time video streaming from the drone quadcopter.

Hubsan X4 FPV QuadCopter H107D review

The amazing advantages of this drone are literally many and you will love having fun with this RC drone that is just on a league of its own.

This flying drone is equipped with an inbuilt camera that delivers excellent drone photography that is unparalleled. It takes excellent drone videos which can be instantly fed to the 4.3 inch LCD screen on the transmitter.

This feature is just awesome audit will leave you having all the fun that you can think of. Think of it as the “James Bond factor”.

hubsan-x4-fpv-quadcopter-h107dThe transmitter is extremely light which makes flying the drone quadcopter really easy with the control sticks moving more lightly enabling you to operate the drone relatively easy. The transmitter also has a 4 inch LCD screen that will feed you real-time video streaming of the unmanned aerial vehicle’s exploits.

With the ultra stable 6 axis flight control system that has an amazing feature called gyro sensitivity that is adjustable makes this the best drone for indoor as well as outdoor flights. This feature also makes flying for beginners and experts alike very easy.

This drone with camera fits in your palm and the video feed is amazingly great and you will love it just as the many people who have bought this drone for its relative ease of use.

The battery charge time for this Quadcopter drone is just 30 minutes which will deliver maximum flight time of up to 7 minutes which is excellent for an RC drone of its class. This time is enough for you to have the best fun time that you need with a quadcopter drone that takes drone videos.


The camera in this quadcopter drone is relatively not the best quality, therefore, the videos when fed to a larger screen, do not give that awesome quality that you would want. But overall, this flying drone is perfect and you will absolutely love what it’s all about.


The overall performance of this drone is excellent but needs a few extra touches. The live video feed is great but would have used a better camera all in all. It makes up for this with the excellent flight record indoors as well as outdoors and generally, you will love this drone.


Comes four spare props as well as optional prop protector for those narrow corridor drone flying. A USB charger as well as a metal tool that enables the removal of props whenever you deem necessary.


Make sure that you thorough go through the manual of this quadcopter drone before you start using it. This will ensure that you don’t damage the rc drone unnecessarily. Also, there is a customer care support team that can assist you with whatever queries you may have as regards this flying drone with a camera.


The fact that you get live video streaming to a screen on the transmitter makes this drone a one of a kind drone that you will fall in love with once it is in your hands. It is an excellent fun filled drone quadcopter overall.