Drones for both consumer and commercial use are coming and there is no end in sight.

The most obvious drone applications are for search and rescue missions, law enforcement, and within the agriculture industry – look here for more ideas on how to utilize drones. However, drones will soon be delivering packages, driving buses, and patrolling campuses, along with their related robots. Mainstream adoption is inevitable since the cost of the robot and drone platforms, in addition to the technologies and components, is dropping to more affordable price points.

dji-phantom-2-quadcopterI recently bought a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter drone from Amazon that delivered high definition video footage that amazed me and gave me many hours of enjoyment.

One of my friends wondered about other applications that are possible for drones. I reminded him of the time that we were hiking and camping in upstate New York and we thought we were lost in the wilderness. Could hikers lost in the woods finally become a remnant of the past? In just a short time, hikers and campers will be able to get a visual on their routes and surroundings by throwing a drone up into the air. For a cheap aerial drone for hiking, it will cost under $100 to get some snapshots. However, in just a few years, you will be able to spend $1,000 or more to get a multiplicity of features in an advanced Garmin model.

In most countries around the world, the air drone craze is well underway, according to the latest reports on the news. New 2016 quadcopter models are flooding the market for consumers and most are coming from Chinese drone manufacturers.

chinese drone manufacturers

To help you learn more about the manufacturers of these drones, I have put together a list for you over the last year or so. It is designed to help people who may be interested in purchasing a particular model of a drone, but do not know anything about the company that makes them. You can use this list if you want to learn more by visiting the company website or if you want to check up on your favorite brand to find out what new products will be released.

The list includes the manufacturers of the most popular drones and quadcopters for both professional use and for use as a hobby. In addition, you will find links to their top models, if your are ready to buy. The list remains incomplete but expect updates as more companies with solid reputations enter the drone market.

dji-phantom-logoDJI: Drone Manufacturer

In the drone industry, DJI Innovations is the most popular drone maker. Their headquarters are in Shenzhen, China. They make the GPS First Person View equipped phantom series quadcopters. Their products attract both professionals and hobbyists.

On the market, the Phantom 3 is among the top video enabled quadcopters that are ready to fly and, if you couple it with a GoPro camera, then the Phantom 2 is great, as well. The Phantom 4 has just been released by the company.