The advances in technology have made small sized unmanned aerial vehicles much more accessible these days. The remote-controlled helicopters and airplanes are available for relatively low prices and these also offer easy flight control for relatively new RC pilots.

phantom-quadcopterThere are a number of models available in the market today at an affordable price. In fact, some quadcopters such as the DJI Phantom can be seen almost everywhere. The advances in technology have also resulted in smaller and lighter cameras. These small sized cameras have better lenses and have the ability to shoot at much higher resolutions. These advanced cameras and unmanned aerial vehicles have been brought together through relatively inexpensive but sophisticated technology called electronic image stabilizing gimbals. This technology makes aerial photography and video making easy, fun and affordable for everyone.

These unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with cameras are also known as drones. People who were paying attention to the rise of these machines knew that these are going to fundamentally change a variety of industries and will be part of the next great land rush in technology.

Ken Loo is a Sunnyvale mechanical engineer and would like to become a global drone consultant one day. He says that the market for these drones is going to be huge. He used a 3-D printer for creating his own unmanned aerial vehicle. He says that there are endless possibilities with these drones especially when it comes to use of the UAV video commercially.

Here is a list of 20 ideas, applications and ways in which this combination of video and drones can be used by video entrepreneurs for disrupting and dominating a variety of untapped markets with a lot of potential:

Aerial Surveys

Traditionally, aerial surveys have been the domain of commercial pilots using airplanes and helicopters. These are used in a variety of areas such as topography, cartography, archaeology, GIS applications for information on terrestrial sites, feature recognition as well as for reaching sites where it is difficult to see things from the ground.

The operators of small unmanned air vehicles are quickly gaining a foothold in ortho photography services as well as digital photography mapping as these smart drones offer huge amount of cost savings. These small unmanned systems have a number of advantages over the bigger traditional aircraft as these can carry a variety of payloads at a slower pace and at much lower levels.

Creating Videos

Many people these days are making a huge amount of money on YouTube. It’s not difficult to monetize a YouTube channel. You can easily leverage the followers of your channel and views in a number of different ways. For instance, you can use your videos for promoting your products, selling product placement and advertising, driving traffic to a website or online store, becoming a YouTube celebrity as well as by enrolling in the YouTube advertising Partner program.

Drone video niche is extremely hot on YouTube right now among UAV enthusiasts. A number of YouTubers such as Team BlackSheep are getting huge subscribers for their channel by simply posting videos that have been captured by their RC aircraft from unique places all around the world.

Competitive Intelligence

Aerial photography has long been used for gathering information on competition. For instance, it has been used for gathering information on number of employees, size and capacity of factories, development of site infrastructure, business expansion as well as various other types of practical intelligence. These low-cost UAVs can now offer the same information at a much lower cost as compared to the enormous cost associated with piloted commercial aircraft such as airplanes and helicopters.

aerial shots from a drone

Environmental Conservation, Regulation and Compliance

Drones are also increasingly being used for environmental conservation and regulation. The Wildlife Conservation Society started training operators in the month of June in the use of drones to track illegal fishing. These drones went online at the beginning of the lobster season.

Biologists and researchers are also using aerial imagery and UAV videos for counting birds to polar bears. Similarly, these tools are being used by environmental laws enforcers to detect various activities such as illegal logging as well as dumping of harmful substances.


Drone delivery is going to become reality sooner than faster. Though it was made popular by Amazon, the idea never got the permission from the regulator. Similarly, the beer delivery drone service by Lakemaid to ice fishermen in Minnesota and Wisconsin was banned by FAA in the US. However, drone delivery services are popping up all over the world where delivering through drones is safer, faster and economical than other methods of shipping. Drones are being used for delivering small mechanical parts, emergency medicine as well as time sensitive documents and various other things.